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Thread: New 'Post Your Shopping Trip' Contest - $100 Prize for Top Post and $50 Raffle

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    New 'Post Your Shopping Trip' Contest - $100 Prize for Top Post and $50 Raffle

    So last week's contest had but two entries so we felt we needed to change how the "Post Your Shopping Trip" worked. We will end this current contest when we have 60 entries, each entry will be scored by us and maintain a leader board. The highest scoring post will win the $100 gift card and random, non-winning entry will receive a $50 gift card. We hope this new method will be more fun, provides the winner with a larger prize and we hope will increase both the interest in the contest and the number of entries.

    This Contest Starts March 11th and concludes at Midnight ET on the day that the 60th entry is posted.

    The Winner will receive a $100 gift card and a runner up will receive a $50 gift card. The winner of the contest will be the post that scores the most points. The runner up will be randomly selected from non-winning entries.

    The scoring for each post is as follows:

    10 pts for the entry

5 pts for posting a trip before Noon Friday for sale that is current through Saturday.

1 pts for each percent saved, over 70%. e.g. 100% savings is 30 points

    2 pts for each $ profit upto $10, 

3 pts for each $ profit over $10 (changed from % to $ on Mar. 19)

    1 pts for every dollar of retail prices upto 100 points.

    I will update the scoreboard in the mornings after any new entries are submitted in the Contests section of this forum

Each post may contain upto 4 transactions or store trips to the same merchant, for the same sale. 

    You may post as many entries as you like, but only 2 entries per store, per sale cycle.

What makes a shopping trip stand qualified for entry?

    1) Saved over 60% off regular prices.

    2) You took a photo: so post one with your trip to get our attention.

    3) We like copycatting great deals, so be as detailed as possible with the deals you do so we (or other folks) can imitate your shopping savvy. Include prices, the coupons used (with the date and insert if a newspaper coupon, or with a link to the coupon if printable.) If a zip code is required to find a printable coupon, list it 

    4) We like printable coupons from, so try to use at least one in your trip. (More is better.) We also like coupons from the other main printable coupon sites as well. Please show our sponsors that you use our site to help guide you thru theirs. 

    5) We like stats, even though we know some of you are not good with numbers. So if you can figure out your percentage saved, that's a plus (but not required.) At least tell us how much you paid for the goodies.

    6) We like uniqueness, so if your shopping trip isn't the usual freebies everyone is buying - maybe some baby products, a big shopping trip with some gluten-free goodies, or an order with a bunch of produce or meat - we'll probably notice if you put together a great deal.

    Here are a few requirements:

1) You must post a new thread in the "Brag, Boast and Post - Your Shopping Trips" forum to add your entry. "Entries" posted anywhere else will not be considered.

    2) Your post title should start with the word "ENTRY" and include the name of the store where you shopped, the date of your purchase, and something else about your trip. Here's an example title: "ENTRY: Publix 1/9 Big Meat & Vitamin Haul"

3) Any deals you post in your shopping trip must be valid at the time of your posting. For example, because Publix ads change on Wednesday or Thursday, you CAN NOT post a shopping trip from Tuesday on Friday, because the sales will be different. However, you can post a CVS trip from Wednesday on Friday, because the ad hasn't changed since then.
    4) Out of Pocket (OOP) - Pleae DON'T count ecb's, Register Rewards as part of the discount. We count those as discounts on the trip they were earned, when you subtract them from your price you're counting the discount twice

    5) Any shopping trip that misuses coupons or violates the fine print of any coupon will not be eligible for a prize.
    6) Post photo of your receipt, so that nobody is tempted to make up a shopping trip.


Although everyone will have their own style, here is an example of a shopping trip that meets the basic requirements of this contest (except the title):

FYI - We may edit your shopping trip to route any printable coupon links through our advertising partners.

Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the 60th entry being received.

Good luck! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in this thread and I will attempt to clarify things or make a ruling if necessary.

    Thanks for Being a Member of the CouponShoppingClub
    Fred W.

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    Aww man! Ive got to go edit my post. I did 6 transactions at CVS this week & listed them all in my entry darn it! Sorry

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