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Thread: ENTRY: Feb 10th @CVS. Ran from church to get some Hershey's!

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    ENTRY: Feb 10th @CVS. Ran from church to get some Hershey's!

    I've never been able to get to CVS before Thursday and of course by then the good deal items are gone and I have to get rainchecks. I know that my Mother and her roommate (in nursing home in another state) love the Hershey's Simple Pleasures in a bag. I'm sending a Valentine's Day box to them tomorrow and had to have some with this week's deal! The molasses cookies and MH coffee was for me for mid afternoon break.

    Purchased 1 JTB molasses cookies 1.00, (6) Hershey's Simple Pleasure @ 3.00/bag -$1.50 printable on each ($5 ECB back), (1) Maxwell House 12-pk Keurig for $6.99 -$1.50 printed ($2 ECB back), (1) Colgate Max 6 oz toothpaste clearanced @ $.99 - $2.50 from Red Machine and $0.50 newspaper coupon, (2) Nature Made MLT Complete B0G0F ($15.79) - $15 CVS and (2) $3 printed.

    Note:CVS deal 2-10-13.jpg The CVS Nature Made $10 coupon scanned for $15 (maybe because I bought a more expensive item as only two they had??) Total of $42.77 +9.25% tax - $34.50 in coupons = $8.27 +tax -$5 ECB =$3.27 +$3.82 tax.

    I received $7 in ECB's... $5 for the Hershey's Simple Pleasure and $2 for the MH Coffee.

    Not sure how you calculate the %'s.... ??????

    When I first tried to upload photos of items & receipt/ECBs but told "You do not have permission to do this!" ??????

    A FEW ADDITIONAL NOTES FROM STEVE ("Couponaholic" on the board):
    Here is the link to the Maxwell House coupon Deb used:
    There were $0.50/1 Colgate coupons in the 2/3 and 2/10 SS newspaper inserts (Deb used one of them.)
    Here is the preclipped link for the $3/1 Nature Made Minis:
    The $1.50/1 Hershey's Simple Pleasures coupon was in the 1/6 SS newspaper insert, but there's also a $1.75/1 coupon for Savings Club Members. You can get a FREE 30 Day Trial of the Savings Club here:
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    CVS 2-10-13 receipt.jpg Here's Receipt..... Still learning how this site works. Thanks!

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    In general we don't include taxes because they vary from state to state, so i'd add up your trip like this:

    Total of $42.77 - $34 in coupons = 8.77 out of pocket. -$7 ECB = $1.77 Final Cost
    Coupons $9 Hershey, $1.50 Maxwell House, $2.50 CVS/Colgate, $15 CVS/Nature Made, $6 Nature Made

    But that's just savings on sale prices, add in another bottle of Nature Made and the difference between sale and regular prices and it get's better.
    Sale Price $42.77 + the free Nature Made $15.79 + Discounts off regular price for Hershey, Colgate, Maxwell house, at least $58.56 regular for $1.77 or nearly 97% off regular price.

    Of course, i'm the least expert couponer here, I'm sure Couponaholic or Monica will help out if I messed it up.
    Thanks for Being a Member of the CouponShoppingClub
    Fred W.

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    OK, here's how we calculate savings...I am going to try avoid confusing you all, but I am quite the math geek.

    The first thing you need to do is figure out the total retail cost. This is what the items would cost if you walked into the store and paid full price. Here's my accounting for that:
    The cookies are regularly priced at $1
    Each of your six Hershey's are regularly priced at $4.59 = $27.54 total
    Your Colgate is regularly priced at $3.99
    The Maxwell House is regularly priced at $8.49
    Each of your two Nature Made Vitamins are regularly priced at $15.79 = $31.58 total

    Now we need to figure out how much you paid (excluding taxes):
    Your order rang up for $42.77 at the register (after all deductions for sale prices)
    You then used $34.50 of store and manufacturer's coupons (note that we do not include ECBs spent, because they were accounted for when you bought items that earned them.)
    You also earned $7 of Extra Bucks for buying these items (we count ECBs when earned.)
    TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT = $1.27 (That's $42.77 register price minus coupons used and ECBs earned.)

    So now we know you spent $1.27 on $72.60 of Merchandise. Let's turn that into a savings percentage. Here's how:

    Take the amount you spent ($1.27) and divide it by the value of what you bought ($72.60.) Then multiply the outcome by 100. This is the percentage of the retail value you paid. (It should be 1.7% if you did it correctly.)

    The amount you saved is the remaining portion of the 100%. So take 100% and subtract the percentage you just figured out, which was 1.7%.

    You saved 98.3%. Fantastic!

    Did I confuse the heck out of everyone?

    (FYI Deb - I'm going to edit your post a little bit to add links to the printable coupons so people can copy your deals.)
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